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    Proof of Alex saying ‘Flitskin rut’ Hahaha, it was for an MTV commercial thing, and he decided to make a word to censor ‘fucking rut’ :) I wish they video was still around but I looked all over youtube and MTV.com and its been taken down on MTV and nothing can be found on youtube of that specific commercial/video :( 


    OMG Guys thank you for so many notes! You guys want a download link? Just inbox me and let me know, if I get a few responses I’ll post a link! 

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    "A dude in one of the condos came out yelling, ‘Get off the goddamn roof NOW!’ before calling the cops on Jim. A few minutes later his wife came out and apologized. ‘Oh, sorry about my husband,’ she said sweetly. ‘He just doesn’t appreciate art.’"


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    I love you more than I ever loved

    Anyone before, or anyone to come.

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  9. "you’re like justin beiber and miley cyrus"
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